Creative Break Ups

Being a creative in business is going to take a large emotional toll because not only are you protecting your business assets but you're also protecting your creative mind. Lets talk about the inevitability of breaking up in collaboration. It would be impractical to miss lead you into thinking that it will not happen. We repeat it is a net of enable that you will have to break up in stop collaborating with someone in your journey.

Whether it is differences socially, politically or just financially there will be obstacles when working with people. Sometimes communicating or utilizing a mutually respectable standard can convene issues like these. Other times it is safer and more productive to call it quits. Quitting doesn't always mean failure it means you recognized that the greater effort can be accomplished by stopping where you are at the point that you realize it's time to quit. There are situations where the greatest gift you can give someone is not helping them at all.

If you spend time dreading having a conversation about an event with someone it's time to call it quits. If you are yelling and frustrated with someone's point of view then it's time to call it quits. Especially when people can't financially C unilateral value that's a red flag immediately. Imagine valuing a ticket at $50 in someone else says $15 that's a very large gap to close. At that point it's better to have 2 separate tickets. But what if that isn't enough. Then there is only one other option.

You never know maybe in the future there is more opportunity in mutual design for success. Do not ruin that over a misunderstanding or a lack of appreciation in the present. As long as you are a sound individual looking to do what's best it will lead you to what is best never give up it's not the same as quitting on something that's not working.

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